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WGLT's Sound Ideas - Wednesday 7/14/21

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A Bloomington Normal doctor says physicians are seeing cancer and pre cancer in younger and younger patients. That colonoscopy you really don't want at age fifty? Yeah, an influential panel recommends you start at 45 instead. A tall building is a lot like a car. You drive it a while the parts wear out and you either do an expensive rebuild or you get a new one. Hear how to assess Bloomington Normal buildings in the wake of the Miami condo collapse. Plus LGBTQ students get a safe space and living community. ISU designates a part of Watterson Towers as the Rainbow floor. The head of ISU Pride tells you why it's necessary.

Abigail Schombert is an audio production intern at WGLT. She joined WGLT in summer 2021. She is a creative technologies major (with an emphasis in sound) at Illinois State University.