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Ammons Stumps In Normal

May 11, 2017

State Representative Carol Ammons spoke to more than 100 people at the Normal Public Library.
Credit Merlin Mather

Urbana State Representative Carol Ammons received a warm welcome in Normal from members of the Indivisible 13 group. She held a listening session at the Normal Public Library.

Ammons is a Democrat who has formed an exploratory committee to run for Congress.

But, she was introduced as the next Congressman and she sounded like a full on candidate in attacking the Trump administration as dangerous. Ammons said Trump and his cohorts are making extremely irregular behavior appear normal..

"We should be calling for the removal of that entire administration because it has the greatest conflicts of interest I have ever seen in history. And I have read a lot of it," said Ammons.

Ammons tried to inoculate herself from a future line of attack in the general election. At the forum, Ammons answered a question about how she would handle attacks from Davis if past allegations her college degree came from a diploma mill resurface.

"We are working class people. And so we have not had some of the privileges that others may have. But, we have made the best out of what we do have. And so I have spent most of my time trying to correct what happened to me by providing access to educational opportunities for others," said Ammons.

Ammons said she was raising two children when she enrolled in a correspondence school and did not realize it was not accredited until she ran for office.
Ammons promised that if she flips the district away from Republican Congressman Rodney Davis, she would work to move the country toward universal healthcare.
She also called for greater environmental protection and better access to higher education.

To get to Davis, Ammons would have to pass six time Congressional candidate David Gill in the Democratic primary.

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