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Central Illinois Bicyclist Quits Trans-Siberian Race

Jul 21, 2017

A goal to be the first woman to finish the most difficult bicycle race in the world has ended for a central Illinois endurance athlete. Thursday Gervais has withdrawn from the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme.  

Gervais finished the first stage of the 24-day, 5,700-mile race across Russia, according to the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Facebook page. Race manager Denile Hill confirmed Gervais had withdrawn and referred all comment to Gervias.

Later Friday, Gervais tweeted: "yes, sadly, i quit, due to horrendously dangerous roads.thats all i can tell you at the moment."

The Red Bull Facebook page for the endurance race speculates the race may have been too difficult. Red Bull's leader board has Gervais as "DNF" for the second stage.

"Thursday Gervais has only finished the very first stage," according to the Facebook page. "She maybe has underestimated the extreme requirements of the 'RBTSE' and maybe overestimated her fitness and skills."

Her competitors, according to the Red Bull Facebook page, noted she could not keep up with the pace of the race.

The Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme began July 18 in Moscow. It will end in Vladivostok Aug. 10.

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