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Connect Transit Launching New App

May 29, 2016

Credit Staff

A new app is in the works for Connect Transit. The bus system has been using DoubleMap for the last four years, but will switch to another app. General Manager Andrew Johnson said the goal is to have it ready by mid-August when new routes and schedules are put in place.

“Barring any bugs in the system, and there’s always something hiding in technology, we plan to roll that out right around the same time as the change in routes,” he said.

Johnson said the custom-made app will be more efficient than the app they’re using now and will allow riders to more effectively track buses, plan trips, and receive route alerts

“It’s a much more responsive app. It’s going to load faster and work better for the consumer. Also, the whole system allows us better connectivity with the buses,” he added.

Connect Transit will spend $485,000 over the next three years to implement the app, with over half of the funding coming from a federal grant.