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GLT's Grow: Autumn Yard To-Do List

Sep 8, 2017

Fall brings us the opportunity to enjoy milder weather, which makes working in the yard that much more fun!

  • Autumn is a perfect time to transplant woody shrubs that are either too crowded or just flat out in the wrong place in your yard. Hear more about transplanting on this previous episode of GLT's Grow.
  • Now's the time to show that lawn some TLC. Reseed with a mixture of soil and seeds spread over bare spots. First, mow your lawn, then agitate¬†the surface to get good seed to soil contact. Then water, water, water. A second sowing later in the fall is a good idea.
  • Consider more structural changes to your garden right now. This is the time to add trees and woody plants.¬†
  • Ground covers can also go in this time of year to help you create a monoculture in your yard. If you have an area that's too hard to mow, consider filling it in with a ground cover, like creeping phlox.
  • If you have summer plants in pots, get those cleared out. Replace them in the container with mums.

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