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GLT's Grow: Marigold Mystery

Jun 17, 2016

Marigolds are popular plants for sunny spots.
Credit Scott / Flickr via Creative Commons

Marigolds are cheerful, lovely annuals that are often very easy to grow.  But Ruth in Normal wonders why hers aren't thriving.  Murph has some suggestions as to why the plants aren't doing at all well.

  • Marigolds love heat and sunshine --lots of sun! If they get too much shade, they may not thrive.
  • They also are good with poor soil.  With amended soil, the plant might not do as well because they prefer a blander soil.
  • Eight to twelve inches of spacing is necessary for the plants to be happy.  Crowd them and risk losing them.
  • Ruth is growing marigolds in pots that are doing well.  Murph noted that a different set of environmental factors can be that helping the plants.
  • Marigolds need to dry out between watering. Deadheading is important, too.
  • It's advised to get a soil test to make sure the soil is the right environment for marigolds.