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GLT's Grow: Of Mice And Rats

Dec 8, 2017

When mice and rats set up shop on our property, they can pose a problem or two.

  • Tiny critters can set up camp in your yard or garage, and their next stop might be inside your house.
  • Mice and rats can spread dozens of different diseases, so it's best to keep them at a distance. If you do have a rodent issue, treat the animals humanely. You can keep your property free of mice and rats without resorting to poison or deadly traps.
  • First of all, don't tempt rodents by leaving bird seed, grass seed or other tempting items out. Don't overfill bird feeders and keep seed in a container with a tight lid. Also, don't let water stand around your home for rodents to find a drink.
  • Block off access to your home by checking for points where a small rodent might squeeze in. Patch or caulk to block that access.
  • Rodents like to make nests in wood piles, so don't store too much firewood.
  • Electronic devices that send out audio signals that discourage rodents are worth a try. Some┬álibrary systems even offer a chance to check them out to see if that would work for you.

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