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ISU Restricts Hover Boards

Jan 28, 2016

Flo Board
Credit Ben Larcey / Urbanwheel

Illinois State University says hover boards are too much of a fire risk. Eric Jome is the Director of ISU Media Relations. Hover boards are battery-operated, self-balancing scooters. Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Brent Paterson says that there have been a numerous cases of hover boards overheating and catching fire while charging.

Students have until February 10th to remove the boards from residence halls, dining halls, and university owned apartments. Hover boards are still permitted on public sidewalks on the ISU campus, and can be stored off campus.

Numerous other universities in Illinois adopted similar rules earlier. Eric Jome says  ISU waited to get input from the students before making the call. He says student groups responded favorably to the inquiries that took place after the holiday break.