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Koos: Normal Needs To Dispel 'Horrible' Misinformation

Nov 6, 2018

Normal Mayor Chris Koos said the town might have cut too deep when it eliminated about 25 jobs to balance its budget last year.

Koos said the Normal Town Council discussed during a recent retreat restoring its communications manager position that he said serves a vital role.

“The one area the council was most concerned about was communication, communicating to our residents, getting information out to our residents, getting the correct information about to our residents,” Koos said on GLT’s Sound Ideas. “Because we eliminated that position, there’s concern on the council that maybe we need to bring somebody back in.”

Koos said lots of “horrible” misinformation is being spread on social media that the town has to refute, including claims about the cost of the Trail East project the town recently approved.

“The one that we are fighting right now is the notion that the Town of Normal is spending $30 million on the Trailside East project, which is not true,” Koos said. “That’s the cost of the project.”

Normal is pledging future property tax rebates that have a current value of about $4.5 million for the project.

The town's website includes a page titled "Rumor vs. Fact" that Koos said is no longer being updated.

Normal created the communications manager position in 2016 when it hired former Mitsubishi Motors spokesman Dan Irvin.

Koos said City Manager Pam Reece might look to pair the communications position with other tasks, such as economic development. 

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