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McIntyre Hopes Changes Will Curb Rogue Health Board

Jun 27, 2016

Health Department Director Walt Howe accepts a copy of a resolution about the importance of public health from Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner in April.
Credit McLean County Health Department

The last several weeks have involved a great deal of public turmoil involving a strained relationship between the County Health Department and its Board of Health and the County Board. Investigative efforts by the Bloomington Pantagraph turned up thousands of e-mails among health board members, and Health Department Director Walt Howe with some members of the board scheming to elect their slate of officers friendly to Howe's position.

That position was that the County did not have much authority over the health department. Also at issue was the health department's role in expanding mental health services, and what could be considered an unwarranted surplus of reserve funds.

McLean County State's Attorney Jason Chambers has forwarded matters related to the Board of Health e-mails to the Illinois Attorney General for investigation into potential Open Meetings Act violations.

Charlie Schlenker talked with McLean County Board Chair John McIntyre about those issues and why relations deteriorated to the point some health board members made nasty character aspersions against County Administrators and elected officials.