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Muslims Thank Not In Our Town Bloomington-Normal

Dec 16, 2015

Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner, far right, addressing a Not In Our Town rally on the steps of the McLean County Museum.
Credit WGLT Staff

Members of the Muslim community in Bloomington Normal say they greatly appreciate the Not In Our Town interfaith solidarity event outside the old McLean County Courthouse in downtown Bloomington. Mohammed Zaman is one such member.

Zaman says he has not seen a Bloomington Normal anti Muslim backlash to the Paris or San Bernardino shootings, though there is some concern about the level of anti muslim rhetoric in the public arena. He says Muslims in the twin cities recognize that kind of speech is an attempt to use fear to capitalize on a political situation.

Zaman says the Muslim community to have interfaith open houses at its Mosque, intended as the next step beyond the religious freedom observance.

The candlelight ceremony in downtown Bloomington featured Jewish, Christian, and Muslim speakers.