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New Hotel Possible For North Normal

Mar 25, 2019

The Normal Planning Commission will take up a proposal for a new hotel in the Constitution Trail Center on the north side of town.

At its meeting on Thursday, commissioners will consider an amended plan from Steve Horve Builders that includes an H-2 Hotel. It would go on just under three acres off Bradford Lane.

A hotel on the west side of Constitution Trail Center has been part of the plan for that development for 14 years, but it has never happened.

The developer has had conversations about town incentives for the hotel in the past. But Mayor Chris Koos said the town’s position is against incentives for that project.

“The town does not have a strategic interest in a hotel on that spot, especially given the current hotel climate,” said Koos.

Koos termed the present hotel occupancy rate “pretty low.”

Planning commission documents indicate some staff concern over access points and building orientation. Staff indicate the shape of the lot prevents meaningful change to the layout and potential traffic problems are not significant. Additional landscaping would also allay staff concerns over the building appearance.

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