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Normal Approves 'Uptown 2.0'

Nov 17, 2015

Credit Brad Basham Photography / and Town of Normal

The Normal Town Council is moving forward with Uptown 2.0. Council members approved the master plan update presented last September. 

The document lays out proposals for the Normal Library and the area south of the train station as well as looking at changing College Avenue and Mulberry Street. City Manager Mark Peterson said they may begin studies of changing those roads next year. 

The council has not decided on using either an overpass or a underpass when it comes to crossing the tracks at Uptown Station. Peterson said the plan supports an underpass.

Council members also authorized an Economic Development Revenue Bond allowing Goodwill Industries to borrow up to $2.3 million. Peterson said the company is working to refinance its debt.

Goodwill Industries saves money by using a bond when compared to conventional loans, but they incur some upfront costs according to Peterson.