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Normal Council Approves Theater Renovations

Apr 4, 2016

The Normal Theater will receive some new updates later this year. During a regular meeting, the Normal Town Council approved $30,000 to replace the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Plans to make repairs to the roof are also in the works. City Manager Mark Peterson says he’s pleased the council is spending money on the theater. 

“It’s a historic building, but it’s an old building, so we have to invest in that building to keep it in good condition.” 

Illinois State University does not have plans to use the Normal Theater for classes this fall, but Peterson says the improvements could have an effect on events at the venue. 

“There will be some periods of time where the theater will have to be shut down, probably for a week or two, particularly with the HVAC installation, because it’s pretty robust.” 

Council members also discussed route changes presented by Connect Transit. The Town Council will not be asked to approve the proposal. The Connect Transit Board will host a public hearing and make its final decision in May.