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Rivian, Robots Future With District 87

Feb 22, 2017

A new business coming to the Twin Cities is looking to build a partnership with District 87.

Superintendent Barry Reilly is meeting with Rivian Automotive Thursday to discuss how the business can bring opportunities to students and staff. Reilly said the relationship could create employment opportunities for students interested in science, math, technology and engineering. 

District 87 School Board
Credit WGLT Staff

"Here you have a real employer coming to town who could provide some real-world opportunities," said Reilly. "If that's something our kids can benefit from, and ultimately make them more employable down the road I'm all for that." 

Reilly said he believes Rivian is reaching out to many school districts in the area to build connections. 

Additionally, students at Sheridan Elementary School in Bloomington are delving into their passion for technology. 

Three fourth and fifth graders presented their work with Battle Bots to the District 87 School Board Wednesday night. Students built these robots using 3-D printers and showcased them at the Students Involved in Technology convention at Heartland Community College. 

Sheridan teacher Kristi Sutter oversees the student organization. Sutter said she hopes students will stay involved with technology through the district's mentoring program. 

Members of Students Involved in Technology present their homemade Battle Bots to the District 87 School Board.
Credit WGLT Staff

"They really take some kids under the wing, move them up and have them working for the district with technology over the summer," said Sutter. "I think for my kids we're a little bit more of an 'at risk' school, so really it's about exposing them to all the things that are out there." 

Sutter said Sheridan is considered at risk for socioeconomic reasons. She said approximately 80% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch. 

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