Some Connect Transit Routes Change Today | WGLT

Some Connect Transit Routes Change Today

Feb 1, 2016

Credit Ralph Weisheit / WGLT

Beginning today (Mon, Feb. 1) updated routes for some Connect Transit buses will take effect.

The Bloomington-Normal bus service says the Red B and Yellow G Routes will stay on Euclid Avenue, no longer turning on Illinois/Olive in order to stop on Erickson.  This change is being made to accommodate 40 foot buses, and also to avoid an area that is frequently detoured due to winter road conditions.

Connect Transit also says the Red B Route will no longer provide service to the McLean County Nursing home.  Service will continue two to three times per hour along Main Street on the Green A, Heartland Express, and Redbird Express College Station Routes when school is in session.  This change will allow for additional 40 foot buses to be utilized on the Red B. This change will not affect the Connect Mobility service to the McLean County Nursing home.

In addition, the Aqua K Route will remain on Main St, and will no longer be turning on RT Dunn Drive.  This is a change based on the first month’s fixed stop data, indicating less than 1 rider boarding per day at the stops along RT Dunn Drive.  Additional stops along Main Street at RT Dunn Drive and Lafayette will be added to accommodate this change.

The Red B, Yellow G, and Purple C Routes have also been changed.  They will no longer go through OSF St. Joseph Medical Center’s Parking Lot.  Buses will now utilize Washington to St. Joseph Drive to Eastland Drive and vice versa.

The system will also soon install new electronic fare collection system on board buses. Customers will still be able to use cash, but will also have the option of using a magnetic strip card or a smart phone to pay fares.