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State Supreme Court Again Rules For Philip Morris

Nov 4, 2015

The Illinois Supreme Court has once again ruled in favor of tobacco giant Philip Morris, saving the company from a 10-billion-dollar lawsuit. IPR's Brian Mackey has more on the decision.

The case has been before the court off and on for more than a decade. A group of smokers say Philip Morris tricked them into thinking “light” cigarettes were safer than regular. The Supreme Court already threw out the record award back in 2005. But a few years ago, the smokers went to a trial judge and tried to revive the case. They say the Supreme Court got the facts wrong in its decision 10 years ago.
But the justices, divided 4-2, say that was the wrong procedure.

Attorney George Zelcs says he’s still digesting the opinion. “In one word: ‘disappointed’ is the word I would use.”

Zelcs says his team is weighing its next move. Although the decision is a win for Philip Morris, the court left the door open for the smokers to pursue a different type of appeal.