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Mayor, Alderman Disagree Over State Of City Planning

Ralph Weisheit

The Mayor of Bloomington objects to one of the campaign planks of his prospective opponent in the April election.

Alderman Diana Hauman asserts the city does not have a strategic plan  for the future of the city, especially in economic development. Hauman says the city is working project by project. 

Speaking on GLT's Sound Ideas, Mayor Tari Renner disagreed saying development efforts have been intentional.

"The first multi-million dollar investment on The Constitution Trail with Green Top Grocery, with the creation of a TIF District for Dicks, working with Ovation Cinemas and others to reinvent themselves,  we have HyVee," said Renner.

Renner also defends some individual project efforts saying when Kroger approaches the city with a 27 million dollar development, the city should explore it.

Renner also notes there are comprehensive plans for the downtown and for infrastructure repair. And after the Sound Ideas interview, the mayor texted a reminder about the award winning city's Comprehensive Plan, developed through the Bring it on Bloomington initiative.

The Mayor also said there is a downtown plan, and an infrastructure plan.

"A plan is a plan," said Renner. "We are acting very strategically, very deliberative. I applaud the council and the things Diana has voted for. I don't understand that criticism at all. I think the truth, the facts are clear."

Alderman Diana Hauman has announced she will run for Mayor in the April election. Hear her on Sound Ideas at noon and 6 PM on Thursday.


WGLT Senior Reporter Charlie Schlenker has spent more than three award-winning decades in radio. He lives in Normal with his family.