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U.S. Rep. Davis Disbelieves CBO Scoring Of GOP Health Bill

Seth Perlman
Associated Press

Congressman Rodney Davis said he stands behind the American Healthcare Act as written, though he expects it to change significantly before passage.

The Congressional Budget Office indicates older Americans would pay much more for coverage than under the Affordable Care Act. For instance a 64 year old who makes $26,000 a year would have to pay $14,000 for coverage.

But, Davis doubted that estimate.

"Those are projections by the Congressional Budget Office that I will remind you has been wrong about the Affordable Care Act and frankly has been wrong about other proposals too," said Davis.

Davis said he does agree with the CBO estimates that insurance premiums would fall and with a projected reduction in government spending by $337 Billion under the AHCA.

More than 43,000 people in Davis's district are high subsidy enrollees or Medicaid expansion beneficiaries under Obamacare according to acasignup.net.

Davis said rising premiums and less availability show Obamacare is broken. The CBO projects the GOP alternative would cut insurance to 14 million people in one year and 26 million by 2026.

Credit Charlie Schlenker / WGLT
U.S. Representative Rodney Davis said he opposes the individual mandate of Obamacare and prefers to leave Medicaid to the states.

Davis said that doesn't take into account the non legislative components of the proposal which would set up risk pools administered by the Department of Health and Human Services.

"I don't necessarily believe that we are going to see spikes in premium increases no matter what age the person is. And I actually think you are going to see more affordable coverage because Americans can't afford what they are seeing right now," said Davis.

The Taylorville Republican said Obamacare has created a burden on the middle class in which they have to buy insurance, but can't afford to use it because of high deductibles. He said  hospitals in his district tell him they are writing off more care of people who ARE insured, than ever before.

Davis also said he does not favor in person town hall style meetings. He says many of those clamoring for such forums over healthcare are political opponents who already know where he stands because he has been clear about his opposition to the ACA. Davis also said he remains accessible in smaller gatherings.


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