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City of Bloomington


MetroNet has issued a new coverage map for Bloomington that includes most of the older neighborhoods previously left out as intended areas of service.

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Bloomington could spend as much as $8.6 million per year, over a five-year period, on roads, sidewalks, traffic signals and other infrastructure pending the approval of a Capital Improvement Plan. If approved, the plan would nearly double current spending levels.

City of Bloomington

The Bloomington City Council will meet in a work session to begin discussing long-term plans for infrastructure in the city, as part of a pending five-year Capital Improvement Plan. 

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Bloomington Planning Commission member Jay Ballmer is running for Alderman in Ward Three.

Before his kickoff event at an east side restaurant and night club, Ballmer told GLT he will watch out for particular challenges facing ward three.

Bloomington Council Discusses Financing and Debt

Sep 12, 2016
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The Bloomington City Council could spend at least 18 hours putting together a five-year Capital Improvement Plan, including at least eight at meetings scheduled through next March. Aldermen heard a presentation from Finance Director Patti-Lynn Silva to focus on multiple financing and debt policies for the city.

Alderman Mboka Mwilambwe said he's concerned a short-term plan to take on more debt could be affected by future economic downturn.

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State Police are investigating past Coliseum operations in Bloomington.

A city news release indicated concerns arose several months ago involving the previous operator and the city brought in state police at that time.

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Bloomington Finance Director Patti-Lynn Silva will help the City Council take the next step in developing a five-year Capital Improvement Plan. The CIP could include plans for roads, sewers, sidewalks, and other infrastructure.


New super-high-speed internet, phone and cable service planned for Bloomington will not extend to the residents of the city's west side -- at least not in the near future.

MetroNet, an Indiana-based service provider, had promised in April to install a fiber optic network throughout the city. 

Jamie Mathy Running For Bloomington Alderman

Aug 31, 2016
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Downtown business owner Jamie Mathy is running for alderman of Bloomington's Ward 1. His campaign is focusing on education, neighborhood unity and economic development. 

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The Bloomington City Council has agreed to move forward with an October 10 public hearing for a Tax Increment Financing district in downtown. 

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Bloomington's mayor is telling supporters he'll formally launch a re-election bid next week.

Tari Renner is sending supporters emails saying he'll officially announce his third run for mayor August 24th during a noon event at the Route 66 visitors center in downtown Bloomington.

Bloomington Aldermen To Discuss Downtown

Aug 14, 2016
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Bloomington Aldermen will meet as a committee to learn more about the hotel proposal that was rejected by city officials last month.

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Community leaders and government officials in McLean County are receiving praise for their improvements to resources for people suffering from mental illness in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said the area is moving in the right direction.

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Bloomington Aldermen will consider changes to ordinances on smoking and the liquor commission tonight. The city council will vote on a ban on electronic cigarette vaping in city-owned facilities where smoking is banned.

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People in the Twin Cities are reacting to the Connect Transit route and schedule overhaul that will start on August 15th. Sheila Eskew of Bloomington said she's happy with the changes.

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The Bloomington city council  unanimously agreed to drill water supply wells around Lake Bloomington and Lake Evergreen. At a cost of $170,000, engineering firm Baxter and Woodman Inc. will drill into the St. Peter Aquifer

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The new executive director of the Downtown Bloomington coliseum expects a multi-million dollar economic impact on the community from the arena and says an adjacent hotel and conference center would only help.

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Bloomington Aldermen will vote on spending $107 thousand on engineering services to look at the costs of installing water supply wells near Lake Bloomington and Evergreen Lake.

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Bloomington's Mayor is painting a picture of a failed downtown  hotel and conference center proposal as a process that is working.  A consultant has recommended against moving forward because the developer partnership has not put $40-million dollars in financing into place.

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City officials could get their first detailed peek into plans for a downtown hotel during a meeting next week. Bloomington alderman Karen Schmidt, whose ward serves downtown, said during Sound Ideas, the project could prove to be a major impetus in reviving the central business district.

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The City of Bloomington could have a final five-year capital improvement plan by the end of the year. Aldermen and city staff will work together in the coming months to finish up the proposal, which was presented in draft form during a city council work session.

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Bloomington Aldermen will consider spending an additional $25 thousand this year to help with operational costs for the Route 66 Visitors Center at the entrance of the McLean County Museum of History.


Jeanne Hamilton is a month into her new job as the Director of the Bloomington Public Library. Hamilton replaced Georgia Bouda who retired amid concern over a bookmobile program that did not serve the west side of town. Hamilton says it's going well with a great staff.

She tells GLT's Charlie Schlenker she is getting to know members of the community. Hamilton says there are no fires to put out, but instead goals to work toward.

Miller Park Zoo Flamingo Exhibit Opens Friday

Jun 21, 2016
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Flamingos at a new exhibit opening at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington have been let out for the first time. More than 20 Greater Flamingos, which are the tallest species, can be seen when patrons first walk into the zoo.

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During a Bloomington council discussion of a complete streets policy, 4th Ward Alderman Amelia Buragas introduced two related resolutions. She said the resolutions to add transparency to a traffic committee and to hire a traffic engineer would complement a complete streets ordinance.

Video gaming fees won't be coming to Bloomington businesses anytime soon- if ever. The Bloomington Council chose to table the discussion for at least a year. Details such as an exact cost of the fee were not finalized before the council chose to table the issue. Alderman David Sage said he doesn't see the issue resurfacing in the future.

  "If we can, more legitimately and more credibly say here are costs associated with the video gaming terminals, and therefore we have to recover additional money to address that, I mean I suppose that could be a scenario that would prompt a follow up conversation but, at this point I don't think there's much interest in bringing it back up" said Alderman Sage.

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Both Bloomington and Normal are moving toward possible adoption of so called complete streets policies. Bloomington aldermen will discuss the policy at their “committee of the whole” meeting Monday evening (June 20).

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Bloomington's mayor said a sales tax sharing proposal is "dead, in the short term at least" after a majority of aldermen decided against further discussions. 

However, Mayor Tari Renner said the proposal could resurface after the April 2017 municipal elections.

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The Bloomington City Council chose to put off a vote on video gaming machine fees for one week.