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Food Trucks

LaPatrona food truck parked at the curb
Charlie Schlenker

A food truck in Bloomington has started making house calls during the pandemic.

Monica Ybarra, corporate counsel for TBS Factoring Service, holds a sign announcing "sandwiches for semis" along I-35 near the Hefner Road exit in Oklahoma City, Friday, March 20, 2020.
Sue Ogrocki / AP

Truck drivers practice social distancing all the time. They drive alone. They often sleep in their cabs. You might think the pandemic-required isolation would be business as usual. But they still must eat, shower, and use the bathrooms.

 seafood boil
robbiesaurus / Flickr

Outback Steakhouse will open its new Eastland Mall parking lot location Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Steffan Block / Facebook

Part of the team which established Bloomington-Normal's first food truck is back with another double-decker bus. The Bustaurant has been on the street for almost a month...and serving much of the same food fans have craved since the first bus was knocked off the street after the bus was hit from behind in a rear end collision.