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The leaders of a newly combined real estate company are bullish on the housing markets in Bloomington-Normal and Peoria, despite slowing sales and a dip in prices in 2019.

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Bloomington city officials are traveling to North Carolina this week for the first gathering of a national initiative aimed at improving public health through housing.

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Editor's note: This is part of a five-story series reported at the Housing Action Illinois conference in Bloomington on Oct. 24-25. The stories ran Wednesday, Oct. 30, on WGLT's Sound Ideas.

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Editor's note: This is part of a five-story series reported at the Housing Action Illinois conference in Bloomington on Oct. 24-25. The stories ran Wednesday, Oct. 30, on WGLT's Sound Ideas.

Speakers at the conference
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Editor's note: This is part of a five-story series reported at the Housing Action Illinois conference in Bloomington on Oct. 24-25. The stories ran Wednesday, Oct. 30, on WGLT's Sound Ideas.

Vasu speaks to council
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Vasu Gadhiraju knows when she says “affordable housing,” many people think about low-income housing.

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There are more than 700 people waiting for placement in a popular Section 8 public housing program called "Housing Choice," which issues vouchers for tenants to live anywhere in McLean County and pay 30 percent of their income toward rent.

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Illinois State University President Larry Dietz said he's in favor of better communication with student landlords.

Dietz said he will meet next month with apartment owners concerned the university is building up to 1,200 new student beds in a pod format.

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The Town of Normal has a new plan in place to get more residents’ input on Community Development Block Grant spending.

Peoria Area Home Sales See Increase Over 2017

Oct 26, 2018
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Peoria Area Association of Realtors President Suzanne Miller says it’s a good time to get into the housing market.

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Bloomington aldermen took formal steps Monday night to discourage chronic housing code violations with more fines and a new classification for repeat offenders.

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Ten years after the Great Recession, a new housing crisis has developed in America. You’ve been hearing reports all week on Morning Edition and All Things Considered, about those who’ve been shut out of the housing market. Here's a look at how the homebuilding slowdown is playing out in Bloomington-Normal.

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You know what’s not good for a real estate market? A ton of uncertainty at the market’s biggest employer.

Housing Inequality Still Plagues Minority Communities

Jan 15, 2018
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The president of the Illinois chapter of the NAACP says that more than 50 years after the federal Fair Housing Act was enacted, African-Americans still face housing discrimination, predatory mortgage lending practices, and other obstacles to moving into racially diverse and affluent neighborhoods.

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It’s been a tumultuous couple of months for Moesha Tyner and her six children.

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In September, the GLT investigative series Landlord v. Tenant revealed increasing tensions between landlords and lower income tenants, who are often forced to rent substandard housing.

March B-N Home Sales Defy Corporate Cutbacks

Apr 19, 2016
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Bloomington-Normal home sales were unchanged last month compared to last year with 221 homes being sold. That comes despite the loss of a major employer.

Karen Stailey-Lander is president of the Bloomington-Normal Association of Realtors.  She says layoffs at Caterpillar in Peoria, and the closing of the Mitsubishi plant in McLean County are having minimal effects.

Bloomington's Administrative Court Could See Changes

Apr 18, 2016
City of Bloomington

Some new things could be added to Bloomington’s Administrative Court that are expected to improve the process. The court was established last year to make it easier for the city to enforce property and behavioral code violations. Deputy Corporation Counsel Angela Fyans-Jimenez said the court has been “very successful” since its creation last April.

Finding affordable housing is a growing problem in Bloomington Normal. Laura Furlong is the CEO of MarcFirst and a member of a study panel on the issue for the League of Women Voters.

A McLean County League of Women Voters study suggests home ownership is declining and the amount of money people pay for rent is more stressful now than it was fifteen years ago. There has been an 18% increase in the share of income needed to afford a three bedroom apartment over the last fifteen years.