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GLT Sound Ideas 01/08/20

Jan 8, 2020

You'd think a Walmart on the edge of town would produce more tax revenue than a smaller store in an urban core. But it also costs a lot more for cities to provide services to those locations. Strong Towns author Charles Marohn Junior talks about sustainable urban development. Plus, a shocking email from a top Democratic political operative becomes public. Hear from a social worker at Grove elementary in Bloomington about meeting the social emotional needs of kids. A series on housing Illinois special education students out of state continues. And Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy give you gardening safety advice in GLT's podcast Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/07/20

Jan 8, 2020

Some things you can't recycle through Bloomington Normal city programs, but you can through Terracycling. Amie Keeton, Melanie Ziomek, and Janet Guaderrama have diverted more than 100,000 items from the landfill in two years. Plus, Normal Town Council member Kevin McCarthy drops by as Mayor Pro Tem. And you can meet Ray Lai. He's the new director of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/06/20

Jan 8, 2020

The United Methodist Church in America is splitting up over LGLTQ issues. Reverend Kent King Nobles has one of the large United Methodist congregations in Bloomington Normal. Plus, learn how A bowl of persimmons and a long walk through Funks Grove led to a new book. And hear about how a Bloomington Normal woman arm twisted and pushed for the right to vote for women. This is the centennial year of the 19th amendment.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/03/20

Jan 8, 2020

Veterinarians have a very high suicide rate, partly because of the compassion mindset they have for pets. Veterinarian Romanie Walter talks about the pressures of the job. Plus, an update on the progress of the long hoped-for Creativity Center in Bloomington. Jon Norton previews a musical remembrance of Zac Straw. And Laura Kennedy introduces us to a new production of Our Town.

GLT Sound Ideas 01/02/20

Jan 8, 2020

As part of WGLT's holiday schedule we bring you more of the favorite and important stories of 2019. In this episode listen to pieces on red flag laws, rap music and gun violence in the twin cities, why there is a shortage of referees in youth sports, and how discount stores are winning the rural economy.

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GLT Sound Ideas 12/27/19

Jan 8, 2020

As part of WGLT's holiday schedule we revisit some of the WGLT Newsroom's favorite stories of 2019. In this episode you can listen to an in depth report on the large gender imbalance on stage at twin cities musical venues, an episode of McHistory that tells you about a powerful woman who blazed a trail for women in Bloomington-Normal who write, Ryan Denham wrestling an entertaining story to the ground, WGLT's Culture Maven talking with Cheri Zeck about a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and an exploration of why Bloomington-Normal has two school districts and why they look like they do.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/26/19

Jan 8, 2020

As part of WGLT's holiday schedule we revisit some of the most important stories of 2019. In this episode, we revisit stories of stolen guns, a split in the United Methodist Church, combatting segregation and economic disempowerment through housing policy, State Farm's decision to sell its landmark downtown headquarters building, enrollment challenges private colleges and universities face in central Illinois, and the progress of Rivian toward bringing new electric vehicles to market. 

GLT Sound Ideas 12/23/19

Jan 8, 2020

As part of WGLT's holiday schedule we revisit some of the best stories of 2019. In this episode listen back to some of the great music groups we told you about during the year including Dan Hubbard, Stone and Snow, Rhett Miller of the Old 97s,  and Hot Sauce Universe. 

GLT Sound Ideas 12/19/19

Dec 20, 2019

Sometimes there are bad surprises at the holidays, such as when adult children visit parents and find the pleasant phone calls with Mom and Dad have masked the aging process. An in depth report on care giving. Plus, Jon Norton previews Joe Stamm's musical show. And a visit to a marijuana production facility.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/20/19

Dec 20, 2019

Guitar wunderkind Mathew Curry is trying to evolve his sound. Curry's new album is called Open Road. Plus, staying sober for the holidays presents challenges. Community Colleges in Central Illinois are talking with Rivian to create workforce training programs as Rivian prepares to hire hundreds of people. A quick look at disaster planning in the twin cities. And the John M Scott Commission has had an eye opening experience in opening up a grant process for health program funding.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/17/19

Dec 17, 2019

District 87 school superintendent Barry Reilly says summary state action to limit disciplinary tools is a bad idea that will drive teachers away. Reilly says there's already a teacher shortage. Hear more on the seclusion ban. Plus, Eric Stock reports on the Bloomington City Council action to allow marijuana sales in town and to tax them. It's Art for the Holidays at the McLean County Arts Center. First jobs are educational in many senses of the teaching responsibility, how tough it is to make it on a paycheck, in dealing with people. Correspondent Breanna Grow has a Next to Normal Story Slam episode. And Normal Town Council member Kathleen Lorenz stops by.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/16/19

Dec 16, 2019

Sexism often drives women away from music. 30-year Punk-Rock bassist Rose Marshack says she STILL gets asked "if she's with the band" when entering clubs. Marshak says that doesn't happen to her male band-mates. An in depth investigation of women in twin cities music. Plus, Bloomington Schools Superintendent Barry Reilly stops by. The Illinois Politics Roundtable looks at marijuana conviction expungements and what Governor Pritzker has to do in the new year. And take an audio sleigh ride.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/13/19

Dec 13, 2019

A lot of schools have adopted standards based grading in Bloomington Normal. Now that it's getting to Unit 5 high schools there's pushback. Senior Grace Nord and some teachers talk with Ryan Denham about new ways to assess how students are learning. You can check in on the Bloomington Normal economy. Gospel hit an aspiring musician like a thunderbolt. Jon Norton talks with the folkie group Harvest Sons. And Laura Kennedy jumps into the mind of Leonardi Da Vinci in a new exhibit. And Ryan Denham interviews a cat. Find out whether the cat is in a confiding mood.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/11/19

Dec 11, 2019

Michele Sullivan says she knows in the first fifteen seconds of meeting a person if they are going to be a problem, if they won't look at her. Sullivan says she can still wait a half hour in stores before someone will help her. Sullivan has dwarfism. She talks about a 30-year career at Caterpillar and her new book. Plus, Mary Cullen gives you a gruesome tale of wolves on the prairie in an episode of McHistory. We have a holiday song edition of our gardening podcast GROW. And a new biography of a well regarded former Illinois Congressman.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/10/19

Dec 10, 2019

Bloomington is one of just 6 cities nationwide picked for a new initiative to improve the connection between health and housing. Bloomington city planner Katie Simpson talks to WGLT's Ryan Denham about the National League of Cities Healthy Housing City Leaders’ Forum. Plus, Eric Stock reports on the start of apprenticeship and technical ed classes for women at Dreams Are Possible in Bloomington. Take a listen to the racial legacy of route 66. The Illinois Politics Roundtable susses out what the Chicago Mayor's agenda might mean for the rest of Illinois next year. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.

WGLT's Mary Cullen reports on a dispute between Connect Transit and Illinois State University. Eric Stock covers a recent State of BN event hosted by the McLean County Chamber of Commerce. And Laura Kennedy interviews a photographer whose latest work stars the David Davis Mansion gardens.

Learn how a central Illinois meteor crater two and a half miles wide came out of a big bump in outer space. Charles Monson is with the State Geological Survey. Plus, the McLean County Board Finance Committee gets a legal opinion on who sets financial accounting policy the board or the county auditor. Dame Judy Dench talks Shakespeare and Lady Macbeth. And a bit of Hogwarts is happening at a Bloomington elementary school.

One of Rivian's new investors hopes to help the company with more than just money. Cox Automotive mobility group president Joe George talks about the give and take of the company's 350 million dollar stake in Rivian. Plus, Eric Stock reports Bloomington police are seeing the same increases reported nationally in on line child sexual violence crimes. Many Minor League baseball teams are taking a hit as Major League teams drop affiliations. Hear about some of them in Illinois. A remembrance for a long time central Illinois broadcaster who has passed on. And the Mayor of Normal stops by.

GLT Sound Ideas 12/2/19

Dec 2, 2019

As Unit Five ponders how to fix its ongoing bus problems it might look to a bigger district, Elgin for an example which transports more children more miles with a better on time record than Unit 5. Jeff Prowell manages the Elgin School district transportation system. Plus, Mary Cullen tells you about Bloomington Normal's only lynching, in an episode of McHistory. An auto services company that has invested heavily in Rivian tells why. And the Illinois Politics Roundtable tries to untangle a web of lobbyists to understand a federal investigation in Springfield and Chicago.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/29/19

Dec 2, 2019

WGLT's Culture Maven Shari Zeck examines the enduring warmth and appeal of Mr Rogers. He listened to kids and spoke directly to them. Shari Zeck and Laura Kennedy look at the new Mr. Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks. Plus, what Christmas Tree should come into YOUR house. WGLT Podcasters Patrick Murphy and Mike McCurdy help you decide on GROW. And we have stories about a camp for diabetic children, a comparison of Illinois and Missouri medical marijuana laws, and you can hear music and charity come together as the holiday season kicks off with Jon Norton.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/27/19

Dec 2, 2019

Some people don't give a lot of Thanks at Thanksgiving because too much togetherness brings holiday stress. ISU Student Rachel Lawrence says her mom usually keeps her dad in check, but this one time he got into a fight with other family members.  Eric Stock reports on how to avoid dinner table controversy. Plus, the Bloomington Library scales back expansion plans. hear how society can help helping people re-enter and structure life after prison. And musician Dan Hubbard talks about getting ready to walk away from a life in music and why he rethought that in a conversation with Jon Norton.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/26/19

Nov 26, 2019

Rivian and Tesla both have electric trucks coming next year. EV watcher and Journalist Shaun Mitchell says the esthetic reviews favor Rivian. Plus, ISU's Gamma Phi Circus heads to New York for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Breanna Grow gives us a special paranormal message from a Next to Normal Story Slam. State Senator Jason Barickman figures the odds on passage of mandatory school consolidation. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner stops by.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/25/19

Nov 25, 2019

Republican State Senator Jason Barickman says he hasn't paid too much attention to the house impeachment proceedings, but he does have questions about Hunter Biden's Burisma Board position. A central Illinois GOP lawmakers view of the national moment. Plus, it's the first day of petition filing for candidates in the March Primary. We'll talk with some of them. Ryan Denham reports on the big winners in trade dispute aid payments...and they're not the farmers hardest hit by China Tariffs. And Eric Stock talks with the new Illinois Wesleyan University President about the value of the liberal arts and other higher ed issues.

The 1973 farm bill promoted soybeans and removed habitat for pheasants. This still hurts hunting. Jared Duquette of the Department of Natural resources talks hunting on the first day of deer season. Plus, Laura Kennedy previews the new season of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/19/19

Nov 19, 2019

Hear from a McLean County Board candidate who has been convicted of attempted murder. Nathan 'Chiko' Russo says he is more than the 18 year old who shot another man in a gang related incident. Plus the Uptown Underpass Under Discussion in Normal. People Against Caging Children raises their struggle in Bloomington Normal against Trump Administration policy to separate immigrant kids from their families. The Illinois Politics Roundtable looks at the difficulty in predicting who the next Illinois Senate President will be.

The head of the McLean County Republican Party says the GOP is responding to the Democratic Party surge in candidates for next year's election. Connie Beard says she doesn't think efforts to flip McLean County blue will work. Plus, Eric Stock looks at a retirement community that started the evolution of the industry in Bloomington Normal into it's present day appearance. We'll update you on how the county is using sales tax money to bolster mental health and other behavioral health programs. The Cynthia Baker trial is headed to a jury.

The Illinois General Assembly has wrapped up work for the fall veto session. We bring you a special analysis of that. It's Illinois Lawmakers, produced by the Illinois Public Broadcasting Council. The session began with low expectations that not much would happen. But, it turned out to be an interesting period with everything from the corruption investigation to attempts to move Chicago casino legislation. The big news is that Governor Pritzker achieved one of his top priorities, consolidating the state's municipal fire and police pension funds.

The Bloomington Planning Commission recommends the city council allow cannabis cafe's in town. Eric Stock reports. Black Lives Matter Bloomington Normal sees recreational marijuana business location as a matter of drug war reparation. Plus, Laura Kennedy tips her hat to a new group in town...Nomad Theater. Their first production happens this weekend. The falling leaves drift by my 'snow filled' window and into our gardening podcast Grow. And Jon Norton traces the musical line from vaudeville to jazz to funk with performer Michael Mwenso.

GLT Sound Ideas 11/13/19

Nov 13, 2019

Every time our nation goes into a period of torturing opponents, it seems like an extraordinary need. Historian Fitzhugh Brundage talks with Charlie Schlenker about the American tradition of torture. Plus, GLT's Ryan Denham talks with Emmy-winning filmmaker Almudena Carracedo about a core truth; when a country doesn't reckon with its violent past, its people can't move forward in peace. And Breanna Grow interviews a TedX speaker about sex and healthy relationships.

Hear how imprisoned mom Ann Simmons found out about her daughters death. Ryan Denham and Edith Brady Lunny report on the case of eight year-old Rica Rountree. Plus, the group Stand Up for Social Justice has been demonstrating every month for the last three years in Bloomington-Normal. Eric Stock talks to them about protest as lifestyle and the difference they hope to make. The Illinois Politics Roundtable dives into ethics reform measures that might advance. And we'll have a report on electric car range anxiety and a move to address it along a major U.S. interstate.