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Reactions to the 2016 Election

NPR and GLT are here for you as we all react to this historic election. Trust Morning Edition, On Point with Tom Ashbrook, Here & Now and All Things Considered for in depth reporting and thoughtful analysis of the national races and international reactions. Count on GLT and IPR for comprehensive coverage of events here in central Illinois.

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Trump speaks into mic
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Based on accomplishments and temperament over the past 10 months, two faculty members from Illinois State University's Department of Politics and Government are giving President Trump a "D minus" and an "Incomplete."

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The State Board of Elections said hackers gained access to the information of 80,000 Illinois voters, including their Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses.

Elections officials said hackers had access to Illinois’ system for nearly three weeks before they were detected. They did get access to personal information, but officials said that’s about it.

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The Mayor of Normal is not enthusiastic about a formal welcoming cities ordinance. Area groups marched on Bloomington City Hall this week asking for an ordinance to limit local government cooperation with federal immigration and customs enforcement, or ICE.

Mayor Chris Koos of Normal said he supports keeping immigrant families together, but not through that method.

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Several groups of students at Normal Community High School are working on a project to promote positivity under President Donald Trump's administration.

NCHS Senior Ryan Watkins said he is leading his classmates in making a video based on kindness and acceptance within the school and community.

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Two Illinois State University political scientists agree that Trump will be a President like none other. They also both agree the incoming President is "thin skinned" and that the world needs to get ready for a "new abnormal."

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McLean County Republican Party Chair Chuck Erickson says he's flying out to Washington for the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Erickson said he's very much looking forward to it.

WGLT Staff

McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre said the selection of committee members is based on their experiences.

A man and woman marching in parade holding a banner for Democratic Party
Courtesy of McLean County Democrats Facebook page

Leaders in the McLean County Democratic Party are gathering tonight for what they’re calling a re-organization meeting and they're putting out an open call for anyone interested.  They hope to capitalize on the anger and interest so many people have following Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential election.

Brandon Hepner and Brian Taylor
Ryan Denham

Bloomington-Normal is a large metro area that’s home to several college campuses and plenty of Chicago transplants. So how did Republican Donald Trump still manage to win McLean County?

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Elections are always polarizing. Elections are always bruising.

But, a Normal Community High School Teacher said this is the most extreme he has seen and one that has had a pronounced effect on students.

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Based on the number of people who didn't vote for President,  three community leaders representing people targeted by President-elect Trump are optimistic about a path toward healing divisions created by the campaign. 


Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner called the just-concluded presidential election campaign possibly the most divisive in the country's history.

Renner was one of about a dozen elected officials in McLean County who spoke at an event organized by Bloomington Alderman Scott Black and broadcast live during GLT's Sound Ideas.

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Three crimes, which could be labeled as hate crimes, have been reported near Illinois State University since the Presidential election.

ISU Police Chief Aaron Woodruff says his department is investigating a report of threats to beat up a transgendered person who was on the quad on Sunday.


Elected leaders in Bloomington Normal are calling for cool heads and reasoned conversation about public affairs.

Bloomington Alderman Scott Black said that's the point of a rally over the noon hour Tuesday at which local elected officials will emphasize how they cooperate with each other across ideological lines.

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Bloomington-Normal activists are worried about what Donald Trump will actually try to accomplish as President. Sonny Garcia and Bill Rau, both part of Illinois People's Action appeared on  Sound Ideas, and organized a protest in downtown Bloomington. Garcia said there is a lot of concern Trump will try to make good on promises to deport eleven million people...

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Some members of minority groups in Bloomington-Normal said a Donald Trump presidency will undo several decades progress.

About 200 citizens joined together on the courthouse square in Bloomington Wednesday night in a demonstration organized by Illinois People's Action, to say they still feel a better America is worth fighting for.

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Chanting "black lives matter" for more than an hour, hundreds of protestors gathered in the ISU Quad in the wake of Donald Trump's election victory.

Student Gene Hoard said they were not happy with President Larry Dietz's appeal for calm in the face of injustice.

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The Donald Trump presidential campaign was full of bold promises. Two Illinois State University political scientists said his supporters will hold him accountable if those promises are not met by the mid-term elections in two years or the next presidential race in four years.  Erik Rankin and Tom McClure regular political analysts for Sound Ideas

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Illinois State University President Larry Dietz has sent a message to the campus about the presidential election results.

Dietz acknowledged in an email that Donald Trump's election has "shaken the sense of well-being" for many people leaving some fearful. However, University Chief of Staff Jay Groves says some are taking to social media, spreading rumors of criminal hate activity and racial slurs.

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It's unusual for Circuit Judges to lose the job.

They don't have to run very often and unless voters choose not to retain them, they keep their seat on the bench.

McLean County Government

Incumbent McLean County Board member Dave Selzer won handily, even though Selzer's opponent Kimberly Pfeifer, did not campaign much.

Selzer said he did not take the district five race in Normal for granted.

Ralph Weisheit / WGLT

The incumbent and winner of the district three McLean County Board seat seemed to want to talk about the national races more than his own victory.

George Wendt defeated Jessielee Hinshaw in the west side Bloomington district that stretches into rural parts of the county.


Democrat Susana Mendoza has won the Illinois comptroller's special election over Republican incumbent Leslie Munger.  

Mendoza, a former state legislator, is Chicago's city clerk. She'll finish the remainder of the comptroller term, which expires in 2019.  

Munger was appointed to the office, which pays the state's bills, by Gov. Bruce Rauner last year after Judy Baar Topinka's 2014 death.  

The big-money special election coincided with the presidential contest, thrusting the usually low-profile race into the spotlight. 

Ralph Weisheit / WGLT

Republican Jacob Beard defeated incumbent McLean County Board member Victoria Harris in District seven.

Beard praised Harris for running a positive issues-oriented race and said he believed his own message of reducing taxes and being fiscally sound resonated with voters in the east side Bloomington district.

Duckworth Wins Senate Seat

Nov 8, 2016
Flickr/Creative Commons

U.S. Representative Tammy Duckworth has won a Senate seat in Illinois.

In defeating Republican Mark Kirk, Duckworth extended grace and bi-partisanship to her opponent saying he has served the country well.

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Illinois’ constitution has been amended for the 14th time since it was adopted in 1970.

Voters overwhelmingly approved what’s known as a “lockbox” for transportation dollars.

A well-funded alliance of business and labor organizations waged a campaign for the amendment, after lawmakers skimmed millions from Illinois’ road fund to pay for other needs.

Mike Sturino is the CEO of The Illinois Road and Transportation Builders.

Donald Trump speaks at a podium
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Amid a closer-than-expected national race for president, Republican Donald Trump narrowly edged out Democrat Hillary Clinton among local voters in McLean County.

With all but one precinct reporting at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, Trump edged Clinton with 45.7 percent of the total McLean County vote, compared to her 44.6 percent. Trump’s victory was by just 860 votes.

Colleen Reynolds / WGLT

Officials are on standby at polling places across Illinois.  There are some rules you may not know.

This is the first presidential election when Illinois is allowing voters to register to vote on election day.
But you have to come with two forms of identification, say a driver's license and a utility bill going to your current home.

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Bloomington Election Commission Director Paul Shannon says the usual mid afternoon slowdown in voting patterns was more significant today than in other years.

He says after the noon hour, many polling places became very quiet.

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Nearly 13,000 people cast early votes in the city of Bloomington, according to election commission records.

That includes in the office, at Eastland Mall, and by mail.

Commission Director Paul Shannon says that's about 26% of all registered voters in pre-election turnout.