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Violin 11/5/15

Nov 8, 2015

Joanne Diaz: Violin, read by Joanne Diaz. Music by Aly Bain (Rosemary Brown/Aly's Waltz from Little Bird)

This Tonic 11/3/15

Nov 8, 2015

Jim Plath: This Tonic, read by Jim Plath. Music by Common Strings (Chadwell Hollow from The Rain Came Down)

Jan Conn: Monkey Paws, Railway Ties, read by Jan Conn. Music by Matthew Montfort (Soul Serenade from Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar)

Roberto Harrison: Barely Visible, read by Roberto Harrison. Music by Michael Shelley (Aranda Alandi from Jimmy's Corner)

Yang 10/27/15

Oct 25, 2015

Patricia McMillen: Yang, read by Patricia McMillen. Music by Roger Espinoza (Ibiz Sol from Cafe Fuego)

Elinor Wylie: Pretty Words, read by Robert Sutherland. Music by Peppino D'Agostino (Why Not ? from Close To The Heart)

Brenda Cardenas: Psalm (for Roberto), read by Brenda Cardenas. Music by Paul Moore (Laura from Mandolin Magic)

Heaven 10/18/15

Oct 17, 2015

Mike Theune: Heaven, read by Mike Theune. Music by Robbie Basho (Khatum from Bashovia)

Yellow 10/15/15

Oct 12, 2015

Jason Bredle: Yellow, read by Jason Bredle. Music by Bill Frisell (Arkansas 2 from Disfarmer)

Lisa Starr: Just Before Summer, read by Jody Lisberger. Music by Andy Rising (Wedding Song)

Apology #2 10/11/15

Oct 11, 2015

Carol Schrantz: Apology #2, read by Carol Schrantz. Music by Roger Espinoza (Sacred Mountain from Cafe Fuego)

Emma Bolden: Melancholy in the Radio, read by Emma Bolden. Music by Michael Shelley (Pearl River from Jimmy's Corner)

Anomaly 10/6/15

Oct 4, 2015

Charles Reynard: Anomaly, read by Charles Reynard. Music by Hem (Waltz from Rabbit Songs)

Irene Taylor: As Long As We Remember, read by Irene Taylor. Music by Martha Scanlan (First Rains from The Shape of Things Gone Missing, The Shape of Things to Come)

Pulp Log 9/29/15

Sep 24, 2015

Barry McKinnon: Section #10 from Pulp Log, read by Barry McKinnon. Music by Bill Frisell (Is It Sweet? from This Land)

Kidnap Poem 9/27/15

Sep 24, 2015

Nikki Giovanni: Kidnap Poem, read by Robert Sutherland. Music by Bobby McFerrin and Bob Dorough (Friday the 13th from That's The Way I Feel Now)

written and read by Jim Plath; music by Tiempo Libre (Olas de Yemaya from Bach in Havana)

written and read by Carol Schranz; music by Bill Frisell and Lee Konitz (Kind of Gentle from Selected Recordings)