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Blue Ridge Teachers And School District Settle

Oct 22, 2019

Blue Ridge teachers Union President Don Anton said Tuesday he believes a tentative three-year contract agreement with the district is a good deal for members.

"It will help stem the tide on teacher and staff turnover," said Anton.

Details of the pact won't be public until after a 6 p.m. Sunday vote. Negotiators reached the deal early Tuesday with the help of a federal mediator. Teachers had filed an intent to strike notice last week in the district that includes Bellflower, Mansfield, and Farmer City.

Blue Ridge Superintendent Susan Wilson also welcomed the agreement. She said she doesn’t want a repeat of the district’s last strike in 1988.

“Frankly, there are people that still, in the community, talk about that. They know that that was a real difficult time for everyone involved and the communities involved. And nobody wanted to repeat that,” said Wilson.

The Blue Ridge Federation of Teachers had set an Oct. 28 strike date if talks broke down.

The contract would cover 118 Blue Ridge employees, including teachers, aides, custodians, cooks and secretaries.

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