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Latino Heartland: A Timely Community Read

Feb 9, 2017

Anthropologist Sujey Vega is the author of Latino Heartland, a study of creating community in a small Indiana town.
Credit Illinois State University

In this time of tension over immigration here is an example of how one group of Latinos created its own sense of community and belonging in a town in rural Indiana.

The book 'Latino Heartland: Of Borders and Belonging in the Midwest,' is widely available in the community. Author Sujey Vega will speak at ISU the evening of February 23rd and at the McLean County Museum of History Saturday the 25th at 1 p.m.

ISU's Latin American And Latino Studies Program want to make it an example for everyone and are teaming up for a community reading group. 

They are encouraging people to read Latino Heartland. GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks with Maura Toro Morn of ISU and Museum of History Education Coordinator Candace Summers on the natural fit for the institutions for this event.