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McLean County Board Members Unhappy With Committee Assignments

Jul 19, 2016

Credit Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

Some choices for committee chairs on the McLean County Board caused votes against the package. The Chair's picks for panels usually pass without dissent.

Board member Laurie Wollrab is not fond of Chair John McIntyre's choice of Dave Selzer to head the transportation committee.

"I just don't feel that he has the temperament and the bipartisan spirit of the county board at heart when he attends meetings," said Selzer

Selzer denied the accusation saying he keeps the welfare of all of the county in mind.

"I could not tell you a Democratic or Republican stand on whether we should pave roads," said Selzer.

Board Member Eric Rankin said he didn't like a couple of McIntyre's choices for committee chairs on Finance and Transportation.

"The Vice Chairs, I think, are in a position for a reason, and when there is a vacated seat that the Vice Chair, if they have served admirably, should have the ability to move up," said Rankin.

Rankin would have moved up if McIntyre had used that frame of reference.

Four people voted against the new slate of committees and chairs. Board Chair John McIntyre says he tried to balance the choices based on experience, party proportionality, and requests.