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Moms Demand Action 'Sad,' 'Frustrated' By West Bloomington Shooting

Oct 13, 2020

The McLean County chapter of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense is mourning the shooting death of a 20-year-old man Monday afternoon in west Bloomington.

Karen Irvin, leader of the local chapter, said the group is angry and frustrated about the shooting and the loss of yet another victim to gun violence. She said the issues surrounding gun violence are more about who’s getting illegal access to guns and how elected officials are prioritizing gun violence reduction.

The 20-year-old man was killed after being shot in the head, based on preliminary autopsy results, said the McLean County Coroner's office.  Two other men, 22 and 27, were critically injured and are hospitalized. The shooting took place in the 1600 block of Iowa Street on Bloomington's west side. 

“We need to get specific and sometimes when it's this issue being addressed, everything is talked about except the fact that guns are everywhere and accessible,” said Irvin.

She said the group rejects the saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people," and that the issues surrounding gun violence are more about who’s getting illegal access to guns.

“The availability of guns is at the forefront of this violence that we see on a daily basis,” Irvin said. “Not only in cities, but right here locally in our community. It is time for people to come up with solutions.”

Irvin said right now, aside from partnership-building efforts, the group is focused on the election and advocating for candidates who will push for laws that reduce gun violence. During election season, solving issues related to gun violence shouldn't only be in the hands of law enforcement, she said, and that legislative officials need to push harder for laws reducing gun violence and prioritize funding research-based programs that can provide comprehensive support to those at the greatest risk. 

“They have to care about this,” Irvin said. “They have to understand that we cannot be satisfied with the narrative that suggests that violence is just the pendulum swinging back and forth, or that this local violence is just a trend.”

A look at gun violence in Bloomington-Normal in 2020:

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