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NCHS Students Lobby Lawmakers For School Budget

May 25, 2017

A group of Normal Community High School students has tried their hands at breaking the budget deadlock.

A group led by Social Studies teacher Patrick Lawler drove to Springfield to meet with General Assembly members.

They said they came away a little disappointed in the response from Bloomington-Normal Republicans they met. Cailin Hall said she tried to tell them Unit Five has about two months of financial reserves to operate if there is no budget.

"They all said stuff about they don't want to increase taxes. It didn't really seem as if they had an effective way to help our school system," said Hall.

The students did get a round of applause from state senators when they were announced on the floor of that chamber.

Hall and Katie Fata are both juniors at NCHS. They said they won't risk staying in Illinois for college.

"I don't plan to go to college in Illinois which is kind of disappointing because I had planned to. But after all the issues with the budget I don't want to stay in a state that is going to financially affect me in such a negative way," said Fata.

Fata said they shared figures about Unit Five such as the district has 19 guidance counselors, but should have 42.

She said Twin City lawmakers did not act surprised.

The NCHS group met with Senators Jason Barickman (R), Daniel Biss (D), and Bill Brady (R), as well as Representative Dan Brady (R) and Governor Bruce Rauner (R).

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