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Parks Plan Placed Before Bloomington Council

Dec 13, 2016

Credit Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

Bloomington's five year parks plan would cost 21.2 million dollars if funded through the period.

But, in presenting the priority list to the city council, Parks and Rec Director Jay Tetzloff said nearly half the eggs go in one basket.

"Forty-seven-percent or nine-point-nine-million of that is for O'Neil Park and Pool. So it is for a complete renovation of O'Neil and making that a destination park," said Tezloff.

Tetzloff said the need is clear.

"It is a 43 year old pool of aluminum. Aluminum pools last 25 years. So we're on borrowed time. And that is a part of the community that needs amenities," said Tezloff.

He said the city wants to keep kids and families busy.

Tetzloff said the plan could include water slides, a lazy river, and other recreation features, as well as a pool suitable for short course swim meets.

Alderman Kevin Lower objected saying the projects are a want, not a need. Outgoing Alderman Jim Fruin noted the last two council decisions on park projects have been close and urged Tetzloff to make sure the votes are there before spending staff time on fleshing out the priority list or project details.