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Smoke Alarms Not Working In Fatal Condo Fire

Aug 21, 2017

Bloomington-Normal residents were reminded Monday to check their smoke detectors after authorities released the cause of a fatal condo fire in Normal.

Diana McLaren-Osburne, 68, was killed in the fire Aug. 6 at her condo at 1538 Hunt Drive in Normal. The fire "was likely caused by open flame ignition of combustible materials in the area of the stove top," Normal fire officials said in a statement Monday. The fire spread to the cabinets and eventually through to the roof.

McLaren-Osburne's smoke alarms weren't working, authorities said. It was the first fatal house fire in Normal since 1991.

“The tragic loss of a life from a fire is something that every fire department fights so hard to prevent,” Normal Fire Chief Mick Humer said in a statement.  “We want everyone to do whatever they can to protect their family from the danger of fire in the home.”

The Normal Fire Department reminded residents to make sure their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working at all times.

“As always, if you smell smoke, or smell something burning, please call the fire department to have us investigate,” Assistant Chief Mike Morrison said in a statement. "We are more than happy to come out to make sure everything is safe."

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