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Town Declines To React To Bloomington Cut To SBDC

Nov 30, 2017

The mayor of Normal said Thursday that the town won't react to the city of Bloomington's move to lower contributions to the Small Business Development Center at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Bloomington aldermen decided Monday that instead of a 60-40 cost share, they would pay only half the three-year commitment of about $124,000 dollars in operating money.

Normal Mayor Chris Koos said the town is under no obligation to change its contribution.

"We both have tight budgets. I understand that. But that's what we felt was fair. So that's what we're giving the SBDC," said Koos.

If Bloomington's council does not change, that could short the center at Illinois Wesleyan by nearly $25,000 over three years.

Koos said the issue might or might not go back to the Bloomington City Council.

"We have talked at the staff level and I have talked with Tari (Mayor Renner). We're just giving them the money that we pledged," said Koos.

Koos said Connect Transit and some other joint ventures are also funded on a population share basis. He said only 20 percent of SBDC clients last year were from the Town of Normal. By contrast, 53 percent were from Bloomington, and 27 percent were from the rest of McLean County.

The county has not been asked to participate in funding the center, Koos said.

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