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West Bloomington Revitalization Project

West Bloomington Revitalization Project
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The West Bloomington Revitalization Project wants to build the economy with teeny tiny loans.

City of Bloomington

The Bloomington and Normal Human Relations Commissions have announced their Martin Luther King Jr. award winners for the year. The commission chooses people who reflect the ideology of the late Dr. King.

Mary, Erick, and Karen
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Erick Howard was only 12 when his mother realized he had an eye for precision.

Crews building beds
West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Every child deserves a bed to sleep on, according to Robert Bosquez from the West Bloomington Revitalization Project (WBRP).

Deborah White talks to the media
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Nearly five years after receiving funds, the West Bloomington Housing Collaborative (WBHC) has ended its $1.5 million housing project.

Signing the paperwork
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Ending the food desert that stretches from the west Bloomington Walmart to the Main Street Kroger is a priority for the West Market Street Council.

Armando and Ben
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The West Bloomington Revitalization Project’s Tool Library is growing again—this time adding a new workshop where people can work on their home-improvement and repair projects.

West Bloomington Revitalization Project
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Anyone looking to start or expand a business in west Bloomington can get financial help from a new microloan program.

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The West Bloomington Revitalization Project is celebrating a decade of making life better for people.

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GLT is reporting this week on why west Bloomington is a food desert and how different community organizations are working to fill the gap. This is part four in the series.

Why Is West Bloomington A Food Desert?

Feb 5, 2018
Judith Valente / WGLT

There’s an acre and a half of land adjacent to Sunnyside Park on the west side of Bloomington that, come summer, will transform into plots of garden-grown vegetables. Colleen Connelly, one of the garden's curators, surveys the scene.

West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Here are the top stories we covered this week (Sept. 18-22, 2017) on WGLT and WGLT.org.

West Bloomington Revitalization Project

Every day starts with a good night's sleep, according to Ryan Heeren. He and Robert Bosquez are with the West Bloomington Revitalization Project's Tool Library and helping to organize the Bed Blitz, a volunteer effort to build and provide beds to kids sleeping on the floor, on furniture, or with family members. 

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A group of west Bloomington volunteers are taking a stand to help their neighbors take a seat.

Two-dozen benches are being installed at Connect Transit bus stops on the city’s west side. The first five are already on place on Washington Street, with more to come on Market Street.