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Living Black In Bloomington-Normal

Living Black In Bloomington-Normal is a limited series featuring interviews with community members about their own life experiences as a person of color. It's produced by WGLT's Jon Norton and student reporter Darnysha Mitchell.

USDA Trade Relief In Central Illinois

WGLT and WCBU partnered to look at which farmers in Central Illinois are getting the most in USDA trade relief payments, and whether they're helping. This reporting is based on a large data set from the USDA showing farm-level Market Facilitiation Program (MFP) payments. It's aimed at softening the blow of the China trade dispute.

Child Care in Central Illinois

Public K-12 education is financed almost entirely by the public sector—through taxes—and available to all children. Yet child care and other early childhood education involves substantial family payments. How are local families dealing with the high cost of child care?

Autonomous Cars

The GLT news team explores the local and statewide impact of autonomous driving technology, now and in the future.

Includes interviews with State Farm leadership, city planners, Bloomington-Normal drivers, an Illinois Department of Transportation official, GLT's Culture Maven, and policymakers from around the state.

Skipping School

Skipping School is a special GLT series about the teacher shortage facing the state of Illinois.

Hear from current and former teachers, as well as experts in the education field, about what led to the shortage—and how we can fix it.

The four-part series will begin Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018.

Landlord v. Tenant

Landlord v. Tenant is a special GLT investigative series exploring low-income rental housing in Bloomington-Normal.

An aging stock of low income housing in Bloomington-Normal is causing ongoing tension between tenants and their landlords. Twin City landlords are cited more than 3,000 times a year for housing code violations. Because of their age, many low income rental units are in chronic disrepair. Compounding the problem is that Bloomington and Normal each have only two housing inspectors to oversee more than twenty thousand rental units. And there is little pressure on landlords to change. 

Stretched Thinner

In spring 2016, GLT news produced a series of interviews called Stretched Thin, reporting on how the state budget impasse was affecting local social service agencies. Nearly a year later, Illinois is still without a budget. In this new series, Stretched Thinner, we check back in with the agencies we talked to last year to ask about the continuing impact of the budget impasse on the vulnerable populations they serve.

Homeless In Bloomington

The problem of homelessness in Bloomington's central business district has emerged after the recent bench-tarring incident, apparently targeting one of the city's homeless population. But the incident is only a symptom of a problem that's been bubbling in Bloomington for a while. This three-part series examines the underlying issues of homelessness in Bloomington.

Stretched Thin

GLT News takes a close look at the effect of the budget impasse in Springfield on social service agencies to put a human face on how the stalemate is affecting the daily lives of Illinois residents.

How's The Water?

With lead poisoning the water in Flint, Michigan, and water  problems elsewhere in the news, water quality is top of mind for many. This five-part investigative news series centers on  the state of water in McLean County and what threats lie ahead.  Learn how Lakes Bloomington and Evergreen shape up as primary water resources and hear about possible solutions for saving water and improving its quality.

Shattering Transgender Stereotypes: Personal Stories Of Transition

More and more transgendered people are speaking out about their experiences. Pop culture is reflecting this trend, with trans individuals gaining major roles in popular or highly-acclaimed TV series. Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox is appearing at Illinois State University this month (Feb. 2015), after becoming the first trans individual to be featured on the cover of TIME magazine. And Transparent actor Jeffrey Tambor won a Golden Globe award for his performance. This GLT News Series examines the lives of three transgender citizens in central Illinois.

Police and Race in the Twin Cities

This nationally acclaimed five part GLT News Investigative Series on the relationship between minority communities and police in Bloomington/Normal ran in late 2014. The GLT news team spent four months delving deep into the issues at the  heart of tension between citizens who say they are mistreated by law enforcement and the police who must balance combating crime with balancing individual rights.

"Police and Race in the Twin Cities" has been recognized with national and regional awards for broadcast excellence including two national Edward R Murrow awards, the national Kaliedoscope Award for cultural diversity in reporting, first place regional AP awards. The series was also the subject of a feature article in Current, a magazine for people in public media.