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Grammer To Run For Normal Township Supervisor

Dec 6, 2016

Sarah Grammer
Credit Sarah Grammer

There will be a contest for the office of Normal Township Supervisor. Sarah Grammer is currently serving on the Normal Library Board and has announced plans to run as a Democrat.

Grammer said she hopes to improve public assistance.

"I know that Bloomington currently distributes about three times as much as in Normal, which is understandable in part because they are a little bit larger than us. But, I am curious to see if we can make our process a little bit more efficient here in Normal and possibly help a few more people in need," said Grammer.

She said she also wants to improve transparency and create partnerships to help those on assistance to find jobs.

Over the years members both major parties have called for a reduction in the number of local government units in the state. Townships are a frequent target. Grammer says she's not opposed to the idea, but details matter.

"I'm concerned that people whose lives are currently being impacted by the general assistance program distributed through the township office that there would be plans in place to handle the consolidation and that their needs would still be met and not forgotten," said Grammer.

Grammer said she would intend to continue the good work of the new Adult Recreation Center as well.

On The Republican side, outgoing Normal Town Council member Cheryl Gaines is running against Township Board member Rick Phillips heading into the GOP slating process Tuesday night.