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Third Bloomington Mayoral Prospect Mulls Run

The Mayoral race in Bloomington could turn into a three-way contest. Radio host Ian Bayne is passing petitions.

Bayne said his vision of the city is a place "that is a little more lively, and one where businesses and people make a little bit more money and government makes a little less money."

"I want it do get there through a combination of tax cuts and cuts to growth in government. And if we can restore 2009 or 2009 levels of government in Bloomington, frankly I don't see much of a change for anybody but out of town consultants who are making a lot of money off of Bloomington," said Bayne.

Bayne said he will decide whether to run by early November. He said he began thinking about the race after he was fired from a morning radio job in the twin cities.

"I was warned not to talk about this taxpayer funded hotel and I refused to do that. After going through that and then seeing myself living here and my wife loves it here and I love it here, I don't think I could live here and not do something. So, what is that something? Is it running for Mayor? Maybe it is," said Bayne.

The announced Mayoral candidates are incumbent Tari Renner and Alderman Diana Hauman.

WGLT Senior Reporter Charlie Schlenker has spent more than three award-winning decades in radio. He lives in Normal with his family.