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Hybrid Gangs Emerge During Testimony At Bloomington Murder Trial

Jun 17, 2020

In his testimony Wednesday in the Scotty Allen murder trial, Kajuan Hobson denied telling police he believed his brother was killed in retaliation for another murder.

Hobson said he learned of the death of his brother, Juan Nash, “through the streets.”

Allen, 19, is charged with first degree murder in Nash’s death. Authorities contend Allen killed the 25-year-old victim during an April 2019 block party in the 1200 block of Orchard Road in Bloomington.

Hobson denied statements read in court by Assistant State’s Attorney Aaron Fredrick in which he linked Nash’s death to the slaying of Steven Alexander, who was killed in a previous shooting on Orchard Road.

“Because they think I had something to do with that murder,” Hobson told the detective when asked if the two shootings may be related.

“They wanted to retaliate, but they couldn’t so they got to my brother,” Hobson told a Bloomington detective according to the statement.

Hobson also denied membership in the Black Disciples street gang, a group known to be involved in ongoing disputes with FBMG 200, another local gang.

Hobson is currently in prison for a gun crime.

Hybrid gang background

Bloomington police crime analyst Jack McQueen explained the inner workings of traditional gangs and their less organized counterpart, hybrid gangs, to the McLean County jury.

McQueen deciphered the significance of hand signals, lyrics and statements made by Allen and others on social media video displayed to jurors.

Violence was a common theme of the postings. In one music video, Allen is seen pulling a black ski mask over his face and raising a handgun. Others in the video wore shirts paying tribute to Alexander. All allegedly are members of FBMG 200.

In his opening remarks to the jury on Monday, defense lawyer Phil Finegan told jurors Allen was invited to the party via social media and was shot by Nash.

A total of 24 shots were fired during the incident— including 14 fired by Nash, said Finegan.

Nash left the area after he was shot and managed to drive to a nearby neighborhood where he crashed his car into a house.

Finegan played a social media video for the jury of Nash and his friends before the shooting in which gang hand signals were displayed.

Allen also is charged with mob action and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

Murder charges are pending in the case against two other men, ,Exodus Hebert and Amari McNabb. Both men were depicted in videos shown to the jury.

Allen’s trial continues Thursday.

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