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Chestnut Health Systems

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Chestnut Health Systems of Bloomington conducted an exercise Wednesday to test its preparedness to administer a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

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A recovery program in McLean County has shifted to virtual sessions to support people battling addiction.

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UPDATED 11:15 a.m. | President Trump on Friday signed an historic $2 trillion economic recovery package into law.

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Millions of Americans struggling with addiction rely on the support of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. But due to the strict social distancing measures of COVID-19, many groups have suspended face-to-face meetings. The changes in procedure have some experts worried that people in recovery may be at risk.

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Mental health experts say a culture of risk-taking and self-reliance can be deadly for construction workers.

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For the 99,000 women incarcerated in U.S. prisons, the path to the criminal justice system is littered with broken relationships, physical and sexual abuse, and addiction.

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Gun violence has impacted law enforcement efforts to investigate other matters in Bloomington-Normal, such as underage substance use. That’s according to a substance abuse prevention program which has secured a federal grant to reduce underage consumption.

Chestnut Health Systems exterior in Blm
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A substance abuse treatment program that has helped reduce alcohol and marijuana use rates among Bloomington-Normal high school students plans to start taking that outreach to junior high schools.

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A senior official with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy visited Bloomington’s Chestnut Health Systems on Monday to gain insight on how addiction treatment is covering rural residents.

 Logan Correctional Center
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Chestnut Health Systems of Bloomington will be taking part in a national study that aims to curb opioid abuse among recently released prisoners.

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The Unit 5 school board Wednesday voted to expand a collaborative agreement with Chestnut Health Systems to bring a full-time mental health counselor to Normal West high school.

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Bloomington-Normal is home to one of the largest and most diverse addiction archives in the U.S.

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For years, health care providers have treated alcohol and drug addiction like an acute condition: when someone checks into a treatment center, they’re given psychiatric care under close supervision to help them get clean. After treatment, they’re referred to a recovery community like a 12-step program, to help them stay on the right path, and released back into the community.

BHCC meets in Bloomington
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McLean County will open a behavioral health triage center next year, filling a gap in adult psychiatric services after the Center for Human Services closed its doors to new clients earlier this month.

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As the national opioid epidemic continues, representatives from the medical, treatment, and insurance fields met in Bloomington at a roundtable discussion to talk about more collaboration to care for addicts and prevent addiction.

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Illinois State University's Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN) received a $2.8 million grant to fund a new project that will educate student nurses on preventative practice.

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K2. Spice. Black Mamba. Research chemicals. Potpourri. New psychoactive substances.

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A 33-year-old Bloomington woman recovering from opioid addiction at Chestnut Health Systems says additional residential treatment centers are needed, as well as better support for those leaving treatment to return to their communities.

Chestnut Health Systems
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Chestnut Health Systems is selling off the division that focuses on employee assistance programs.

Chestnut Health Systems

Chestnut Health Systems has chosen its new CEO.  

Current Chief Clinical Officer Dave Sharar will take over as CEO on Jan. 7 when Russ Hagen retires after several decades with the not-for-profit health agency.

Sharar also has a long tenure at Chestnut. A statement from board Chair Judy Smithson indicates Sharar's experience in many of the lines of business and that the leadership skills he has exhibited over 29 years are valued.

Chestnut Health Systems

The longtime leader who helped Chestnut Health Systems grow from a small drug treatment program into a health and wellness organization with global reach has announced plans to retire.

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The enrollment period for obtaining health insurance through the Affordable Care Act on the Illinois exchanges begins Nov. 1, but signing up might prove more daunting this year than in the past.

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Now that Republican efforts to scuttle Obamacare have failed, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin said Wednesday he is hopeful a bipartisan reform measure can emerge.

The Illinois Democrat said he trusts GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee to help come up with health care reform.

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday rejected a plan to declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency, though local health professionals say the federal government can still take specific steps to help addicts get help here in McLean County.